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At Chilkat we are 4WD enthusiasts, problem solvers by
design, and enjoy a good challenge in the shop or on the
trail. We designed, built, and bench tested our original
cable conversion kit: naturally dubbed the E-Racer. 
The E-Racer replaces the OEM electric actuator.

The E-Racer is designed to work with both the
high pinion FJ and low pinion Tacoma 8"
E-locker differentials.  

If you already have an E-locker 3rd member (chunk),
the E-Racer is a simple bolt on upgrade that can be
done with basic hand tools anywhere, anytime.

Compatible with front leaf springs!


  • No fluids to replace
  • Re-use the factory E-locker spur gear
  • Engage your locker in 2WD and 4WD high range
  • Stainless steel to withstand the elements


Full Kit Includes:
                1 - 3rd Member Actuator
                1 - Cable (8', 10' or 12')
                Steel Cable Ends

                1 - Hand Shifter or integrated cable shifter
                Stainless Mounting Hardware
                20- Zip Ties


               Tips for finding your cable length:
                Route an air hose or garden hose from the hand shifter
                locating (in cab) to the center of the electric actuator on the

               Make sure when routing the mock up cable/hose to not make
               bend/corners tighter than 6" CLR (center line radius).

               Choose a path away from abrasive/sharp surfaces and heat.


The E-Racer is homegrown and locally made in the U.S.A.
Our kits are simple, complete, and designed to give you
a reliable selectable locker that is all Toyota.  The E-Racer
provides unmatched sustainability that every
4x4 expedition vehicle needs.

  • Anodized aluminum to preserve the look
  • The main shaft, which will take most of the torsion load, is made from heat treated, stress relieved, ground and polished 4140 Acralloy steel. 
  • Double o-ring design seals the fluid in and contaminants out
  • For custom builds, we left extra material on the E-Racer's circular lever.

Toyota Tacoma/4runner E-Locker Conversion

SKU: 0124-ERCL-CHS-096-NO
  • Works with Toyota Tacoma 8.4" and Land Cruiser FJ80 front 8" e-locker differentials

  • All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Please contact us before returning the product. We will not accept any returns without prior notification. Shipping on returns is the responsibility of the customer. NO returns after 30 days of invoice date.  No refunds on products that have been modified or tarnished.  We reserve the right to request more or refund shipping funds when necessary.



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