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The Toyota 2RZ and 3RZ 4 cylinders are now a bolt in motor conversion.  The RZ offers power gains and increased economy, while retaining the factory transmission and radiator in their stock locations. 

Chilkat Designs has made converting your 79-95 4 cylinder truck or 4runner easier than ever, by producing our own original, cnc plasma or laser cut, Heavy Duty Conversion Motor Mounts.  Our Conversion Motor Mount Kits are precision crafted to help you replace the 22R or 22RE with a 4 cyl. 3/2RZ engine.  We call this a "bolt in" conversion because there are no modifications to the factory frame mounts, transmission mounts, firewall, hood, or drive lines.  Your factory radiator can be used with Tacoma hoses leaving plenty of room for the belt drive fan.  Reusing Toyota parts will save you time, money, and efforts.

The RZ motor continues to pay off down the road with commonly overlooked benefits.  Such as, a higher output alternator to keep your battery charged.  The OBDII diagnostics system will allow easy trouble shooting.  This 16 valve DOHC motor will bolt to the factory "G" and "W" series transmissions when using the Tacoma's W59 bell-housing, clutch, clutch slave, clutch fork, and flywheel.


3/2RZ conversion motor mounts TIG welded 79-95 Toyota pickup & 4 Runner

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  • The RZ power plants originated in the 95.5-04 Tacoma pickups and 4runners, with both manual and automatic options available.  2wd drive models employ the 2RZ (142hp, 160tq) and the 4 wheel drive models utilized 3RZ's (150 hp, 177tq) .  Aftermarket superchargers and turbo charger kits are available for both models to produce extra power.  And don't forget about the factory set rev. limiter to keep everything held together.

  • All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Please contact us before returning the product. We will not accept any returns without prior notification. Shipping on returns is the responsibility of the customer. NO returns after 30 days of invoice date.  No refunds on products that have been modified or tarnished. We reserve the right to request more or refund shipping funds when necessary. 

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