Toyota Tacoma Steering

Chilkat Designs Double Shear Steer Kits Chilkat Designs Power
Steering Pump Bracket
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Kit includes:
Chilkat's Double Shear Steer
Chilkat's Tie Rod with 3/4" Hiems w/ Jam Nuts

Trail Gear Six Shooter Knuckles & Arms
Chilkat Designs' power steering solution for your Tacoma 2/3RZ. Utilize a TC style pump for increased performance in your steering system.
Part # L1920-Double-KA-S1
Part # L1920-Double-KA-S2

Part # L1920-TCPB

Toyota IFS Steering Box Toyota IFS Pitman Arm
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Used Toyota IFS Steering Box 1986-95. The factory box is inspected for wear, cracks, leaks, twisted splines, then cleaned. Pitman arm is included. Sky's Offroad Design Toyota IFS Pitman Arm. Available in both 3/4" less than stock drop and flat versions. Tapered for Toyota FJ-80 TRE.
Part # TOY-HSKPSB-001
Part # TOY-BPA-001
Part # TOY-BPA-225