Chilkat Designs 5VZ-FE (3.4 Tacoma V6) Conversion Mount Kit

Tacoma V6 power is now a bolt in option for the factory 4 cylinder trucks and 4 Runners!

For the longest time, only factory 3.0 V6 trucks were likely candidates for the 5VZ-FE swap. Now the conversion from a 4 cyl. to a Tacoma V6 (
IFS or straight axles) is just as easy.

Transform your factory 4 cylinder Toyota truck or 4-Runner into a V6 Powerhouse!

*Uses factory 4 cylinder rubber motor mounts
*Optional weld in gussets included
*IFS conversions use 3.0 oil pan
*TIG Welded

Conversion Motor Mount Kit includes:
2 - Block Mounts
2 - Relocation Plates
2 - Weld on Gussets
Grade 5 bolts, nylocks, and washers

Part # L1315-5VZ-FCK - $245.00



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If your Tacoma V6 engine has the oil filter located behind the motor mount, you will need to trim the conversion plate and frame mount on driver's side.  This simple modification is shown in the photo below (Click to enlarge)
Welding is needed to perform this modification. 
Welding should always be done by a competent welder.

Chilkat Designs 5VZ Conversion Motor Mounts  Chilkat Designs 5VZ Conversion Motor Mount